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With this tool, we aim to help restaurants streamline the management and organization of various events, although it is primarily focused on wedding planning.

Tools used

Duration 4 months

My role: UX/UI designer

Duration 4 meses 2

My role: UX/UI designer

Tools used

What is our objective?

The application aims to simplify and streamline event management in restaurants. Recognizing that organizing an event can be a complicated and stressful process, we have developed a tool that allows for worry-free planning and management.

We created a template for the initial version of an application, based on the observed needs of couples planning to get married. Interviews were conducted to understand their concerns, requirements, and other relevant needs.

Pain points:

Simplifying menu creation and assignment to each guest

Ease of organizing guests at tables

Adding extras to the event

Access to inspirational ideas and user comments


Template restaurant

User Personas

Storyboard Design

After conducting user analysis and researching the competition, we proceeded to manage all the features that both restaurants and guests could have. With this information, a series of storyboards were created to help brainstorm the needs that a user might have within the application.

Information architecture

Digital Wireframing

In the user experience design phase, wireframing was created and iterated upon to form the low-fidelity design. User testing was conducted to identify improvements, leading to the final low-fidelity design that served as the foundation for the high-fidelity design. This process ensured that the application met user needs and expectations and delivered an optimal user experience.

Do you want to try the app?

You don't have to wait any longer, here's the link to start using it.